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Your first call is free so you don't need to pay a cent until you've tried the service.

Amazingly Cheap Services

Pinless International Calling

Make quick and easy international calls through Sabfone's PINLESS CALLING service. You can now forget about the hassle of entering a pin to call abroad, have clear phone conversations with cheaper, real minutes and ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN FEES.

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Connecting People

Sabfone is a new digital world platform aiming to empower people's relationships through a revolutionized method of calling anywhere in the continent. Anyone can now make the most of high quality, cost effective calling in the most convenient way.

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Bridging homes and businesses

Our services make it possible for professionals, long distance workers and offshore offices to maintain personal and business relationships and communications in a much simpler and cheaper calling within the US, to Africa, Middle East, South Africa, Europe and anywhere around the world..

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No Hidden Fees

There’s no contract, no monthly fees, no hidden fees and any other additional services while auto-recharge is optional.

Speed Dial

You can register up to # speed dial numbers! Just register a phone number and press speed dial code & pound key.

Call Details

Accessing your Sabfone account, you can conveniently manage speed dialing, add credit, view call history, billing history and add phone numbers.

No Pin

Very handy and convenient with our PINLESS DIALING and can be used on MULTIPLE PHONES. Just dial our access numbers and Sabfone system will authenticate you.

Make International calls

International calls to landline and mobile phones at local rates.

Feature Countries Calling Rates


80 Minutes for $20


100 Minutes for $20

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